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October 25, 2014, 9:37 am

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Pumpkin fest violence not Ferguson
Keene's Pumpkin Fest violence isn't like Ferguson, experts say, but it raised important points about racism.
Paraguay's delicious mistake
Sopa paraguaya, which means Paraguayan soup, is a misnomer. It is not even close to being a soup; in fact, it's more akin to a cheesy cornbread.
Aaron Paul: Is 'Breaking Bad' or Barbie worse?
"Breaking Bad's" drug-dealing chemistry teacher Walter White will have to stop making the sale at Toys R Us.
#testing, #testing: What the famous said in their first tweets
If your first tweet sets the tone for what you're all about, what are we supposed to make of #HereWeGo, Monica Lewinky's first social media salutation?
Enterovirus anxiety up in parents
The death of a New Jersey boy, the first health officials are directly linking to Enterovirus D68, has parents wondering whether school is the worst place to send kids susceptible to the virus.
Boo! ...zy caramel apples
Caramel apples are a perk of fall, and while most of us have fond childhood memories associated with this autumnal treat, red-wine caramel apples are a great treat for adults on Halloween.
Embracing gender differences at school
Here's what some schools are doing to create welcoming environments for transgender and gender nonconforming children.
The photo of a lifetime
Many photographers have taken it upon themselves to document stillborn and terminal babies' precious moments after birth.
100-year-old woman still teaching
WPIX's Andrew Ramos introduces a 100-year-old woman from New York who continues to teach math at an elementary school.
His viral letter about Emma Watson
A 15-year-old British schoolboy has struck a chord with his eloquent response to actress Emma Watson's United Nations speech encouraging men to join in the fight for gender equality.
Ray Rice and other terrible costume ideas
Halloween costumes to avoid this year: dead celebs, domestic abusers and biohazards.
What depression feels like
Robin Williams was battling "severe depression" before he died, a representative said. CNN's Kat Kinsman says that talking freely about personal mental health and suicidal thoughts can help others.
On William Wegman's dogs
William Wegman's latest picture book "Flo & Wendell Explore" was inspired by his pet Weimaraners.

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