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April 23, 2014, 11:01 pm

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Author: Talk to kids about sex
Fifteen years after Laurie Halse Anderson published "Speak," she still hears many of the same questions from teens about rape, sex and stigma. That's the fault of adults, not young people, she said.
Why you should appreciate administrative assistants
The third week in April celebrates the administrative professionals who make our lives easier. Whether you prefer the term "secretary" or "administrative assistant," history's offices are full of efficient, smart and loyal men and women, both in real life and on the silver screen. From Miss Moneypenny to Joan Holloway, these folks know how to get the job done.
My family vacation with pot
Recreational weed is one option for Colorado vacationers who want to relax after a day of skiing. But when the kids are along, parents have to plan accordingly.
'Stop telling women to smile'
Tatyana Fazlalizadeh had never heard of the term "street harassment" until two years ago. Before then, she simply considered the hisses and catcalls from strangers in the street an "annoying part of everyday life" that came with being a female.
He left a $1,000 tip for what?!
Good people, not to mention good tippers, do exist. Christina Summitt knows that for sure now after what happened Saturday night.
It's never too late to be fabulous
A beauty pageant just for seniors? That's right. Women older than 60 are flaunting their maturity and wisdom in this annual event.
Man leaves $1,000 tip for dog's surgery
Good people, not to mention good tippers, do exist. Christina Summitt knows that for sure now after what happened Saturday night.
How some colleges offer free textbooks
"Open textbooks" are catching on among educators and schools looking to save students money, but some say the digital books are untested.
Why the beef with paternity leave?
Even after Boomer Esiason apologized for what he called his "insensitive" comment about scheduling a C-section before the season started, his suggestion plus critical stances by other radio hosts demonstrate how much paternity leave is still not widely accepted in our society.
Public or private school?
Kelly Wallace knows "the look." You might, too. Why, she wonders, do parents judge each other so harshly for their choices of public, private or charter schools?
Who can resist the 'Kate Effect?'
CNN's Royal Correspondent Max Foster explores the fashion influence of the Duchess of Cambridge.
Do students need to sit still?
A mother and educator cringed when she realized her young sons would never sit still in class -- until she found teachers who no longer think studying quietly is the best way to learn.
What it's like to be a blind parent
New moms usually have a ton of questions about parenting and their babies. By any accounting, parenting is a challenging endeavor. But what if you're a parent and you're blind?

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