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Intersex dating and finding love
There's a vocabulary of protection used around the intersex community -- of "escape" from sex assignment surgery to normalize their genitals, of PTSD and survivorship, of guilt from some whose bodies remain intact.
Back off #shirtstorm scientist?
Supporters are coming to the defense of Matt Taylor, the scientist who helped land a space probe on a comet last week and simultaneously sparked cries of sexism with his choice of clothing.
Inside a batterer's mind
A decade has passed since he hurt her with his words and his fist. He's says he has changed. But his memories of the abuse differ from hers.
Female veterans' job struggles
Female veterans often have a harder time finding employment than their male counterparts. But why?
An introduction to Iranian cooking
Any visitor to Iran would be remiss to not try the chelo (chelow) kebab as it's king here; juicy skewers of meat and minced meat are served on heaping plates of rice steamed with saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, and grilled tomatoes.
900 vintage arcade games hit Web
Lovers of vintage arcade games just got an early holiday present.
How often do you wash sheets?
Not to mention your jeans, bras and pillows? Here's a definitive guide to keeping all your quarters clean.
5 wedding rules they broke
Solange Knowles has always been independent and the singer made her own rules for her wedding this weekend.
Easy roast turkey breast
Roasting a turkey breast is a great way to make sure there is still turkey on the table without an excess of work.
20 years of Tofurky: Why eat fake meat?
Options for meat substitutes have come a long way since Seth Tibbott's first few Thanksgivings as a vegetarian in the 1970s.
Toy Hall of Fame inductees are ...
My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, American Girl dolls, the Slip 'N Slide -- how could a kid choose a favorite? They're all competing to be new inductees into the National Toy Hall of Fame.
5 people you should 'unfriend'
We all have them: Old classmates, distant relatives or obnoxious co-workers, filling our social feeds with posts about people we don't know or barely remember.
My life as a little person
The world often treats little people like Cara Reedy as less than human. She's learned to stand up for herself and shout back.

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