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Thanksgiving turkey tips
Make this year better than ever with the online Cook's Illustrated Thanksgiving Guide. We'll help you plan, shop and cook.
Mean girls are getting younger
At a child's party, I witnessed full-on "mean girl" behavior by kids in elementary school. Isn't the whole "mean girl" thing not supposed to rear its ugly head until middle school or beyond?
They were separated at birth
Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman have the same laugh, freckles and even haircut. Until recently, neither knew she had a twin.
Gisele is right: Mom comes first!
Critics pounced on supermodel Gisele Bundchen for advocating a little mommy "me time" recently. When did it become a crime to admit that you -- as a parent -- put yourself first?
The photo of a lifetime
Many photographers have taken it upon themselves to document stillborn and terminal babies' precious moments after birth.
You don't like your kids' friends?
If it hasn't happened already, it likely will at some point: the moment you don't like one of your child's friends. What do you do?
On William Wegman's dogs
William Wegman's latest picture book "Flo & Wendell Explore" was inspired by his pet Weimaraners.
Caught in grief's riptide
"I don't think anyone is ready for grief. But when it hits you, it knocks you out cold," Jessica Dunne wrote after the sudden loss of her father.
Horrific Selfie Of Roseanne Barr After 'Tussle' With Bill Cosby Quickly Deleted - Macro Insider

Horrific Selfie Of Roseanne Barr After 'Tussle' With Bill Cosby Quickly Deleted
Macro Insider
Roseanne Barr probably thought that the sight of her battered and disfigured face would tickle the funny bones of some people. An obvious mistake, as the photo she posted online sparked an outrage among many domestic abuse victims. Share ...
Roseanne Barr removes tweet 'joke' about CosbyDelhi Daily News
Roseanne Barr tweet 'joke' about Cosby taken downUSA TODAY
Roseanne: I was Joking About Bill Cosby Attacking MeHollywood Reporter
Complex.com -E! Online -Mirror.co.uk
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9 Guilt-Free Holiday Pies - HollandSentinel.com

9 Guilt-Free Holiday Pies
When the air smells of seasonal pies and tables are decorated with whipped cream and latticed crust, forgoing a holiday pie may classify you as the new Grinch. These talented bloggers have carefully constructed nutritious, guilt-free pies that make skipping ...
President Obama, First Lady Talk Gratitude, Military Families and Pumpkin PieABC News

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Possible reprieve for Louisiana family's beloved pit bull
A Louisiana family may have won a reprieve in its fight to protect its beloved pit bull from a local "vicious dogs" ordinance.
LGBT pioneer's immeasurable impact
Before Ellen DeGeneres was out and proud and dancing every day on her talk show, when heterosexual male actors wouldn't dare to play gay, and violence against gay people was the talking point of the day for LGBT activists, there was transgender activist Leslie Feinberg.
I live with my parents and love it
I pictured myself graduating from college, getting a cool job and even having a cute place of my own. Instead, I wake to the early-morning sounds of my family dog barking and my parents making coffee downstairs.

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