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First Person: A fat girl gets naked
CNN's Lisa France opens up about her lifelong struggle with weight, its physical and mental toll, and what she's doing to lighten the burden.
Embracing gender differences
Here's what some schools are doing to create welcoming environments for transgender and gender nonconforming children.
Gisele is right: Mom comes first!
Critics pounced on supermodel Gisele Bundchen for advocating a little mommy "me time" recently. When did it become a crime to admit that you -- as a parent -- put yourself first?
Men are using flex time and loving it!
I have long thought millennials, who expect flexibility in the workplace, would be the group that would bring an end to the stigma that is too often associated with flex time -- the belief that wanting a flexible work arrangement means you aren't willing to work as hard. But now I'm thinking it's going to be men who will get us there.
When to follow your dream
When should you quit a stable job to pursue your dream? Mike Rowe weighs in."Somebody's Gotta Do It," Wed at 9p E on CNN
This book's heroine has autism
Author Ann M. Martin, best known for popular series "The Baby-Sitters Club," returns with "Rain Reign," told from the perspective of a fifth-grader with high-functioning autism.
Where are the white men in NY catcalling video?
The discussion surrounding a video of a woman being catcalled on the streets of New York has a new element to the conversation: Where are the white men behaving badly?
The photo of a lifetime
Many photographers have taken it upon themselves to document stillborn and terminal babies' precious moments after birth.
Teen 'like' and 'FOMO' anxiety
Ask any teen if they suffer from social media anxiety and they would probably tell you no. But the truth is getting "likes" and the fear of missing out are adding stress to teens' lives.
Miley and Rihanna raise eyebrows at amfAR gala - Los Angeles Times

Miley and Rihanna raise eyebrows at amfAR gala
Los Angeles Times
Miley Cyrus and Rihanna are well known for outrageous costumes, so it's a surprise that anyone bats an eye when they show up on a red carpet in something outre. But they both managed to get tongues wagging and self-appointed censors squawking at the ...
Designer Ford is the focus at AIDS charity eventIrish Independent
Rihanna donates USD 135000 to charityBusiness Standard
Miley Cyrus explains why she spent $500K at AmfAR Gala: 'I'm a little drunk'New York Daily News
E! Online -Wall Street Journal -Reuters
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How often do you wash sheets?
Not to mention your jeans, bras and pillows? Here's a definitive guide to keeping all your quarters clean.
'I want to be an inspiration'
Meet Shyanne Roberts, a 10-year-old competitive shooter with something to prove: "Kids and guns don't always mean bad things happen."
'Potty Mouthed Princesses' offensive?
Sally Kohn says a video of little girls dressed as princesses using the F-word very loudly to condemn sexism is provocative. But is it exploitative?

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