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October 25, 2014, 4:05 pm

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Why did we pick apart Renee Zellweger?
Renee Zellweger calls the chatter about her face "silly." But others add more choice words to the mix: nasty, cruel, hurtful, invasive and sexist.
Lucky kids! App solves math equations
Say it with us: Kids today have it sooooo easy.
Talking to kids about school shootings
Not again.
Cheap wedding = happy marriage?
If you're serving burgers and Bud Light at your backyard wedding, don't worry. You and your spouse may have the last laugh.
50 states, 50 jobs, one honeymoon
Heath and Alyssa Padgett are spending their honeymoon on a seven-month road trip to each of the 50 states.
Colors you'll be wearing in 2015
Spring colors rock the catwalks at New York Fashion Week. Here are some of the runway's most vibrant looks.
Actress harassed over #Gamergate
While weighing in on #Gamergate, Felicia Day feared someone might leak personal details about her. Within an hour, someone had.
What women couldn't do in the 60s
Can you imagine pregnancy being a fireable offense? Or a woman needing her husband's signature to open a bank account?
Microsoft CEO's worrisome comment
I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I read the initial comments from Microsoft's CEO on how women who don't ask for raises will receive "good karma." What? Is this 2014 or 1954?
#testing, #testing: What the famous said in their first tweets
If your first tweet sets the tone for what you're all about, what are we supposed to make of #HereWeGo, Monica Lewinky's first social media salutation?
Rainn Wilson drops Vine star Curtis Lepore from comedy due to backlash - Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly
Rainn Wilson drops Vine star Curtis Lepore from comedy due to backlash
Entertainment Weekly
Last week, Rainn Wilson (The Office) announced that he would produce Hollywood and Vine, a scripted series about the showbiz adventures of a group of social media celebrities from Vine, the popular video-based network. On Monday, Wilson announced ...
Vine Star Curtis Lepore Leaves Rainn Wilson Comedy Series After BacklashHuffington Post
Vine Star Curtis Lepore Dropped from Rainn Wilson Show After BacklashVariety
Vine Star Curtis Lepore Dropped From Rainn Wilson's TV Show After Rape Trial ...MTV.com
TheWrap -NewsOK.com -Bustle
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Boo! ...zy caramel apples
Caramel apples are a perk of fall, and while most of us have fond childhood memories associated with this autumnal treat, red-wine caramel apples are a great treat for adults on Halloween.

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